September 28th, 2023

Removal of an illegal dump

Left fallow for twenty years, this plot that we acquired in 2018 used to be an illegal dumpsite.

We dedicated 6 months to collect and take 200 tons of construction and public works debris (BTP) to the landfill. This plot is not an isolated case. BTP construction sites are responsible for 47% of these illegal dumps.

The impact on nature is evident, as evidenced by this dead umbrella pine, its trunk buried under debris. There are still remnants of the illegal dump along this woodland that we continue to clean every year.

Rehabilitation didn’t just involve removing the waste…

Initially, we restored the natural slope by filling the holes left by our cleaning with topsoil from the Costières region.

A portion of this plot before our acquisition, according to Google Maps

Next, we made a massive compost addition (100 tons per hectare) to increase the organic matter content and provide a source of life for the soil.


Finally, we cultivated Sudan grass sorghum, a natural soil disinfectant and excellent green fertilizer.


Annual cultivation of Sudan grass sorghum

After 3 years of effort, the plot was ready to receive the vineyard.

The restoration of an ecosystem always happens gradually. A holistic approach, appropriate techniques, and patience are essential to achieve results.

Nature can restore itself if we provide it with the resources and time to do so.


Illustration : Laurie- Bilden Studio

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