September 28th, 2023

Bellecoste vineyard

An Exceptional Terroir :

Our terroir consists of Rhône riverbed rolled pebbles on a base of red clay with excellent drainage capacity. Thanks to this subsoil composition, our vines have deep roots and, therefore, good resistance to drought.

A Cool Microclimate :

The north-south orientation of the slope ensures air circulation, limiting the risks of frost and rot. This slope accelerates water runoff during Cevennes rain episodes, thus preserving the grape harvest. Its north-facing aspect and the surrounding woods protect it from the intensity of the sun, creating a cool microclimate. Exposed to the Mistral wind, our vines have late ripening. Its “coastal” location preserves the freshness and acidity of the grapes, resulting in balanced and aromatic wines.

Suitable Grape Varieties :

This plot is naturally suited for white grape varieties. Our choice has fallen on Grenache Blanc and Clairette. Grenache Blanc withstands drought and produces deep and vibrant wines, while Clairette requires warmth and imparts freshness and bitterness to the wine. For us, this combination represents the most beautiful expression of the Rhône terroirs. By diversifying grape varieties and their origins, we increase the biodiversity of the ecosystem.

Thoughtful Irrigation :

Our region experiences long, hot, and dry periods. This young vineyard, with still shallow roots, struggles to access water at the moment. To compensate for their water deficiency and support the proper development of their roots, we use an efficient irrigation system: drip irrigation. The water comes from the Rhône before it flows into the sea through the Philippe Lamour canal. We finely control the vine’s water needs with modern technologies, aiding the young vines until their roots grow deep enough to access moisture in the soil. With the rebuilding of organic matter in our agricultural soils, we aim to ultimately reduce our water usage by 50%.

Other benefits of this approach, combined with ground cover, include maintaining organic matter in the soil and sequestering atmospheric carbon.

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