In our family, generation after generation, we have passed on Château de Nages and a passion for wine, our vineyards, and the Rhone soil that nourishes them.

What makes Château de Nages unique is not only its fabulous terroir, but the role of sanctuary that it  has played for our family, especially during periods of strife that were the last wars and our exodus from Algeria, the land that had adopted our ancestors back in 1837. It is run with all our love and respect for future generations and with gratitude for the contributions of generations past.

Joseph Torres

For us, the story of Château de Nages begins with Joseph Torres, the patriarch who at 68 years of age and convinced of the inevitability of decolonization, takes the risk of buying this southern Rhone estate while World War II is raging.

Alfred Gassier

At the passing of Joseph Torrès, his son-in-law, Alfred Gassier, manages the property. Despite Algeria’s political instability he remains there with his wife, saving what he can in order to help his four children reconstruct their lives in France.

Roger Gassier

His son Roger recuperates Château de Nages and puts his heart and soul into reviving the property. His objective is clear: to transmit the estate to the next generation. Planting high quality grape varietals, renovating the old farmhouse, modernizing the tools, he passes on a magnificent vineyard and an exceptional winery.

Michel Gassier & Isabel Gassier

Michel, Roger's second son, returns to Château de Nages in 1993. When his father retires, Michel takes charge of the estate, which he single-mindedly transforms into a premium organic Rhône Valley winery. His youngest daughter, Isabel, passionate about regenerative agriculture, joins the team in 2022. Her project is to develop practices that improve the biodiversity and fertility of the soil, as well as the resilience of our vineyards.

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