JT Red & White
Vieilles Vignes Red, White & Rose
Butinages Red, White & Rosé

This magical terroir gives naturally exuberant wines.

For four generations, our family has learned to work this land carefully, to reveal our wines' freshness and balance. Our classical style Rhone wines embody perfectly the spirit of Costières de Nîmes.


In 2014, an archaeology institute unearthed the remains of a Gallo-Roman vineyard under our very best parcel. There, gazing right back at us, was the two-thousand-year-old heritage upon which we build our future. Our family couldn’t resist giving these vines free-rein to express their legacy terroir. This bottle is their voice. Through it, their Roman ancestors whisper.


Red & White

Dedicated to our visionary great grandfather, this cuvée of northern Rhône character is from our very best parcels. Its minerality and freshness will surprise you.

Vieilles Vignes

Red, White & Rose

Resolutely southern Rhone, generous and rich in fruit, it has a mineral complexity that is subtly highlighted by a touch of barrel aging. The fusion of great Rhone varietals has an exceptional equilibrium and contributes to its surprising complexity.


Red, White & Rosé

ButiNAGES means “gather nectar” and is a metaphor that describes both the style of this wine as well as our vineyard approach that allows us to achieve it. Issued from our younger vineyards, but receiving the same attentiveness as our other cuvées, here’s a truly hedonistic wine. We favor the purity of a crisp fruit and a soft mouthfeel when crafting these fresh, easy-drinking “crowd pleasers.”

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