November 28th, 2022

A discovery trail for 2023

Regenerative agriculture —  you have to see it to believe it! Well, at least, to understand it better. And so come spring 2023, we will be inauguring a small trail open to all in the heart of our agroecological zone, between vines, woods and orchards.


Located in a peri-urban zone named Bellecoste, our lands overlook Nîmes and its sentinel, the Tour Magne, one of the oldest roman vestiges of the city.


In the heart of one of our vineyards conducted in regenerative agriculture, this informative path will illustrate the interest and benefits of our approach for today and tomorrow.


Natural resources (soil, water, and biodiversity) are preserved here. The organic orchard and vineyard have been designed so that interactions across ecosystems are privileged. Agriculture and ecology are connected in order to experiment and advance alternative practices.


Interspersed between the vineyard and orchard you will discover:

cover crops between our vines, restoring local biodiversity and improving the quantity and quality of topsoil,

flowering meadows, a breeding ground for small animals, a source of food for pollinators, and a refuge for beneficial insects,

a stream, that channels water year-round. Its large wooded area has remained relatively wild, and is a refuge for local fauna,

an aromatic alley providing flowers for bees and wild pollinators and various auxiliaries,

birdhouses and bat roosts that offer homes for predators of agricultural pests,

beehives near the fruit trees,

sheep, natural mowers when cover crops and invasive weeds need to be controlled.


Plan Bellecoste parcours pédagogique

This approach reduces the impact of man in and around our crop areas, by favoring its ecosystem and allowing nature to self-regulate. Thanks to the stream, Bellecoste benefits from a rare biodiversity in the Costières de Nîmes landscape and offers a breath of fresh air to all.


The hike we are proposing, with its information panels, aims to help people discover the riches of our environment and the value of our farming methods. Accessible to all, adults and children, locals and tourists, it will offer a vision we hope you will get to know and respect.


We are preparing to welcome you in spring 2023 in a place where agriculture thrives and Nature is resilient, expresses itself fully, and gives the best of itself.  We just have to give it time and the means to achieve its balance.



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