November 16th, 2023

Château de Nages and Domaine Gassier : France’s first vineyards to be certified Regenerative Agriculture

For us, simply transitioning to organic in 2007 hasn’t been sufficient, as it doesn’t fully enhance the resilience of our vineyards and ecosystems.

The arrival of Isabel, a fifth-generation family member, marked a pivotal shift in our approach by introducing regenerative agriculture to our estate. Drawing inspiration from both local and international winemakers and farmers practicing regenerative agriculture, we embraced this method while maintaining our organic principles.

The shift to regenerative agriculture seemed like a natural progression. To achieve our goals, we sought out a certification that provided a clear framework with specific annual commitments. We chose to work with A Greener World, a certification program developed by and for farmers, known for its personalized technical support. This certification demands transparency from vine to bottle, ensuring our entire operation adheres to measurable and quantifiable objectives.

What Benefits Does Regenerative Agriculture Offer Us?

AUTHENTIC WINES WITH A SENSE OF PLACE: Focusing on soil regeneration, regenerative agriculture bolsters the vitality of our vines, enhancing the quality of our grapes and wines. Our wines stand out for their true expression of terroir and freshness.

BALANCING ECOLOGY WITH ECONOMICS: Regenerative agriculture helps us achieve both environmental and economic goals: vineyard autonomy, ecosystem biodiversity, quality workplace life, and profitability.

COMBATING CLIMATE CHANGE AT OUR LEVEL : Improving soil structure and water retention aids in carbon sequestration, water quality enhancement, and biodiversity enrichment, contributing to climate change mitigation.

Here are some Examples of Our Commitments:

For Soil Regeneration:

  • Boost soil organic matter by 50%.
  • Produce and utilize 600 tons of our compost.
  • Limit soil tilling to less than 40% of our plots.


For Diversifying Crops and Reforestation:

  • Experiment with mixed fruit farming in one of our plots.
  • Plant tree lines on the north side of our crops.


For Creating Natural Habitats:

  • Plant 500 meters of native hedges annually.
  • Restore the natural course of the stream that runs through our property.
  • Allocate at least 20% of our land to pastures and meadows.


Incorporating Animals:

  • Continue providing grazing land to local shepherds.
  • Install bird boxes every 50 to 60 meters.


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