August 6th, 2011

Summer Renovation of the Old Winery

Given my conviction that concrete is the ideal vessel for vinification and storage of our wines, we set out this year to make a major investment in our old winery at Chateau de Nages in Costieres de Nimes. We’ve been at it since early May, struggling to get it in mint working condition in time for the harvest. So let’s have a peek at some of the major revamping we’ve been doing.

The biggest piece of this renovation has been to divide our larger concrete vats into smaller ones.  Thanks to the reconfiguration, we now have a series of vats that go from 40 hectoliters to 250 hectoliters with just one blending vat of 400hl.  This gives us so much more flexibility in terms of vinification as well as storage.  We also replaced our old copper vat doors and valves with spanking new stainless steel ones. Now we’re doing the finishing touches.  Can’t wait to break it in!

Old Winery Summer Renovation

Upper left is an old vat, bottom left the renovated vat, on the right side, we are almost done!


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