March 01, 2024

Agroforestry at the service of the vineyard

In the heart of the Costières de Nîmes, our vineyards are certified both organic and regenerative agriculture. Our commitment to regenerating the soil, ecosystems, and local communities has led us to embark on a number of ambitious projects. Under the leadership of Isabel, we’ve embarked in agroforestry, marking a significant step towards a form of […]

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January 25, 2024

The 2023 Vintage: a Year of Challenges & Elegance

The 2023 vintage proved to be a story of contrasts, alternating between scarcity and the promise of a regeneration, revealing the extent of challenges awaiting agriculture as a whole. It started with the second consecutive year of persistent winter drought, casting a worrisome shadow on our harvest’s prospects. The first four months witnessed a significant […]

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November 16, 2023

Château de Nages and Domaine Gassier : France’s first vineyards to be certified Regenerative Agriculture

For us, simply transitioning to organic in 2007 hasn’t been sufficient, as it doesn’t fully enhance the resilience of our vineyards and ecosystems. The arrival of Isabel, a fifth-generation family member, marked a pivotal shift in our approach by introducing regenerative agriculture to our estate. Drawing inspiration from both local and international winemakers and farmers […]

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October 02, 2023

The Bellecoste Valat

The Bellecoste Valat is a protected wooded area that borders our vineyards. What is a Valat? In Occitan, this term refers to a gulch created by a stream. Historically, during dry periods, “valats” served as pathways for farmers and their equipment, while during heavy Cevenol rains, they protected fields by quickly draining large amounts of […]

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Nesting Boxes & Shelters

In our fight against crop pests, we rely on the help of birds and bats. we’re counting on the assistance of birds and bats. The rich variety of plants in our area provides them with a buffet of food options. However, even with the extensive wooded region, it’s not always easy for these creatures to […]

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The Bounty of our Nourishing Meadows

In our quest for regenerative agriculture, we have set an objective of a minimum of 20% of our lands to be left fallow (meaning not cultivated). As I write this article in December 2023, we are at 27% of our lands are either prairie or meadow.  This is to allow the soil to rest between […]

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Bellecoste’s Green Lung

Imagine you are at the bottom of Bellecoste’s Valat.   You would feel a remarkable drop in temperature.  It’s a sign of the health and balance of this place. This spring-fed gulch has been a place that has been providing sustenance, water, and shelter, as well as a steady climate for many animals and plants for […]

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September 28, 2023

Rotational grazing

We graciously offer high-quality pastures to local ranchers and shepherds. Inspired by rotational grazing, our pastures and meadows are plant mixtures designed to provide better nutrition to their animals while improving soil health. Rotational grazing involves moving animals through small parcels of land. Only one parcel is grazed at a time, while the other plots […]

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Bellecoste vineyard

An Exceptional Terroir : Our terroir consists of Rhône riverbed rolled pebbles on a base of red clay with excellent drainage capacity. Thanks to this subsoil composition, our vines grow to have deep roots and, therefore, good resistance to drought. A Cool Microclimate : The north-south orientation of the slope ensures air circulation, limiting the […]

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